What I want you to know about me is…

Francesca Taylor, Mobile Match Coach, tutors high scool and college students

  • I care greatly about the student’s success and I appreciate the opportunity to make learning math and/or increasing those test scores an enjoyable experience!
  • I have had the privilege of coaching students in mathematics for over 25 years. I began by tutoring high school peers in 1993 and have been a mathematics coach ever since. Virtual Math Coach (previously Mobile Math Coach) was founded in January of 2008.
  • In addition to test preparation for SAT and ACT, I work with all math levels up to and including Pre-Calculus as well as College Algebra and Math for Liberal Arts.
  • I specialize in teaching students how to best utilize their TI graphing calculators. Developing the connection between the equation and the visual image, not only targets different learning styles but adds a deeper sense of understanding. 
  • I have worked with students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. I understand that learning styles vary from student to student so I customize my approach and work with each student as an individual.
  • By working with the student one-on-one I can identify weaknesses and target lesson plans for development in specific areas.
  • I worked in disability services for years at Valdosta State University. During this time I coached and tutored students with varying mental and physical disabilities.
  • I have a great deal of experience working with students who are home-schooled.

My Students are:

Persons of any age and ability who are willing to challenge themselves by working hard and maintaining a good attitude. I am looking for a student who wants to do better, because the want is everything.

I am looking for a student who wants to do better, because the want is everything.